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Cybersécurité & Confiance Numérique


Accelerate your cybersecurity operations

  • Your most important metric is response time.
  • Your key asset is your team.
  • Simple, fast & collaborative.

Empower your cybersecurity teams

  • Gain a unified view of your cybersecurity data.
  • Connect all your disparate datasources via our knowledge graph.
  • Explore and handle complex investigations better with smart data visualization.
  • Empower your teams with continuous autonomous Machine Learning.
  • Dive into unified data with an interactive visual environment.

Use cases : Accelerate your cyber investigations to respond to incidents faster.

  • Alert qualification : Qualify alerts and find incidents faster. Nobody has time to waste on false positives.
  • Incident response : Help your analysts investigate faster and dig deeper.
  • Threat Hunting : Find threats faster with a central interactive visual environment.
  • SIEM Optimisation : Leverage your SIEM and investigate correlations with other data sources on a single platform.

Malizen will simplify the lives of your cybersecurity teams to speed them up.


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2 rue de la Mabilais

35000 Rennes

Bretagne Rennes

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Code APE/NAF : 6201Z

SIRET : 88027155600016

TVA Intra Com : FR59880271556